MNNT Ecosystem Partners with Bytrix Technologies

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Developers of the MNNT blockchain gaming ecosystem recently entered into a partnership with Bytrix Technologies – a global software development company. As a result, MNNT now has one of the most powerful and productive development teams in the entire blockchain industry since Bytrix Technologies, with all of its expertise and 100+ developers on staff, will take over front-end development of the MNNT Ecosystem.

At the moment, MNNT develops the following products:

Andrometa – A metaverse that binds together all games, NFT collections, and other products in the MNNT Ecosystem. It is based on a unique protocol that ensures interoperability of digital assets across all games and products in the Ecosystem and is powered by the $HARDS token as its main currency.

Andrometa is developed using the Unreal Engine and contains multiple planets, countries, and cities where all games and even anime shows using the MNNT protocol take place. This is a highly detailed virtual world where users can not only buy land, characters, or other assets but also create and upgrade their own NFTs and actively influence the metaverse development.

We Are The Outkast – A unique immersive anime series created by the MNNT team that is paired with an NFT collection of the same name. NFT characters can be used in games within the Andrometa universe, and their owners can even direct the plot of the anime series. Ownership of an Outkast NFT grants partial intellectual property rights to the character, so owners can spend some $HARDS and write certain aspects of every episode’s story.

The Sevens – A cluster of NFT collections containing characters and other assets that can be used in the Andrometa metaverse. So far, three collections have been minted: Sevens Genesis, Sevens Companions, and Sevens Eve. Over 12,000 NFTs were sold across these three collections.

Bytrix Technologies is a global award-winning development team with plenty of experience, proficient in front-end development for iOS, Android, and PC, and working with Unity, Unreal Engine, SQL, and many other languages and assets. Thus, Bytrix Technologies can easily ensure that all MNNT are of the highest possible quality and will bring tons of fun to all Andrometa universe users.

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